studet blogging challenge #10

  • Q1:Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog?
  • Q2:Which challenges were the most useful?
  • Q3:Which challenges were the most interesting?
  • Q4:What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?
  • Q5:Are more tutorial type challenges needed?  how to make a link in your post
  • Q6:Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful?
  • Q7:Were the challenges where you had to embed polls, cartoons, wallwisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding?
  • Q8:Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes?
  • Q9:Classes that registered – were there enough activities specific to classes? Did you make global connections?
  • Q10:Anything else you would like to mention about the challenge in particular
  • A1:we had to go to the actual blog.
  • A2:I think that challenge #7 because it can support the earth and it shows we care about the environment.
  • A3:Again i have to say challenge #7 because we had to create a comic book on earth day and we had to do some other stuff.
  • A4:one idea for a future challenge is to make a vlogs its like video blogs.
  • A5:I thought you guys were really clear on explaining on what to do on the challenges.
  • A6:I think that “visit these” are most useful on blogs or on home of edublogs.
  • A7:sorry i didn’t do any of these post.
  • A8:No there wasn’t enough time because there was too many blogs to visit.
  • A9:there was the earth day challenge and we didn’t communicate.
  • A10:The challenge is boring and why do we have to type answers but it was a good challenge to know what we thought about all these challenges.

forms of fiction

This is a script about  a book called ”LILLY AND THE WOODEN BOWL”

narrator: There was once a Japanese girl named Lily.

Grandma: Come here Lily.

Lily: Yes grandmother

Grandma: I want you to wear this bowl on your head.

Lily: Why grandmother?

Grandmother: Do it for my death and protection.

Lily: Alright grandmother.

*                            *                             *                                 *                              *

Yamoto (a rich farmer) : Lily I want you to live with me and my wife.

Lily: Why Yamoto?

Yamoto: My wife is being a pain and I am planning to leave her.

Lily: Where will you go.

Yamoto: I really don’t know where to go, but probably to find a better wife.

Lily: Alright Yamoto, if you say so.

once Lily starts to live in Yamoto’s house

Matso (Yamoto’s Wife)

Matso: I hate that Lily girl. She drives me insane.

Kyoto (Yamoto’s son)

Kyoto: Who is that girl?And why does she have a wooden bowl on her head.

Matso: Don’t talk to her, she is crazy and dumb and her face is ugly.

Lily and  Kyoto fall in love and want to get marry.

Matso: Oh no they didn’t. Lily you have to make the food for the guest and give them what they want.

Lily: Okay

( all of a sudden a raccoon attacks her and eats the food)

Matso: What the heck happened in here. You better go get some more food Lily for the wedding.

Kyoto: NO!!! you go mom because Lily is tired of doing all the work all day.

Matsu went but got lost and no one had ever heard of her ever again.

Lily: We will tell the guest to bring some of their own food for the wedding.

Kyoto: Okay, lets just hope this wedding goes great.

(at the end they get married and the guest bring food and the wedding goes great)

Earth Day

cool-cartoon-3255131For Earth day my class is collecting bottle caps. We’re still doing this til the end of the month. Right now we have about 1229 bottle caps. We’re bringing bottle caps for two reasons. 1) We are helping the Earth 2(I need more points for my team and also we all want a pizza party again. But again this is only for the Earth… mostly. 🙂

The Dogs I Had

My first dog I ever had was very special to me and my family and me. My parents named Gorrie. They named him that because he looked like a baby gorilla and was all black. He was special, being just three years old, and was our first dog as a family. We keep him in our house most of the time because whenever we took him outside he runs and leaves but we catch him. The best part is that he’s really playful because whenever I spend time with him, he’ll spend time with me.  The thing is that he is too hyper, excited, and can get crazy for hours and and that can get really annoying. The other thing is that the owner of the house doesn’t allow dogs. One day the house owner came and saw our dog and did we get in trouble? Yes. It was rough because my family had to get rid of Gorrie    so we did to one of our friends daughter. That moment i started to cry like a baby. I felt really down about my first dog going away but I was pretty happy because no more annoying barking or noise. I am also glad because he is too crazy to keep.

There was another dog that came along and her name was Cookie.  My sister and  her friend Jessica were walking to William Green to pick me up until they met this random guy. The random guy offered my sister and Jessica a dog. My sister “I really don’t know” but Jessica just had to open her stupid mouth and said “yes”. So when they came to pick me up i saw a dog and I’m like what. They told me about the whole story and i was like okay “what will my parents say”. They chose that name because ahe looked like milk’s favorite cookie Oreo. The problem was that was that my dad didn’t want the dog and so didn’t Jessica’s mom didn’t want it. So after that, we gave the dog to our friends from church and they decide to keep it. It was a good idea to give it away because when we went to visit her she was crazy and will pee to anyone one new she meets. Oh deer! hopefully she doesn’t pee on me. :0

My third I had was named Max. Max wasn’t my dog my family just had to take care of him because max’s owners went to Peru. I treated max like my dog. We kept Max in the house at all times because his pet owner is really delicate with him. We him for over three months and i felt that he was my dog he is a dog that wants to play with me and I protect him. He was different because he wasn’t a loud dog who’s really annoying. Max was way different than that, he knew I wanted to play with him or not and he also didn’t really bother me. Again the problem was that the owner’s sister had to take Max because Max already spend too much time with us. When Max left, I felt like someone just ripped off one of my arms. I was very angry because I already had three dogs and they all went away.

My last dog I had was a pit bull and her name is Pink. I named her that because of her pink face. She he’s a baby, but my family is trying to figure out how old she is. She pink nose and is white with brown spots. one thing that my parents do like about her is that she is that we got her as a baby so we could train her and so she can recognize, which are mostly my sister and me. Pink is a really smart because every time we call her she comes and never leaves us because she is scared to go anywhere else. The thing is that she is a pit bull and once pit bulls grow up they can get aggressive and scary but the good thing is that my family trained her for she won’t be aggressive.

So our house owner’s husband died and she stopped being our owner. The new owners let us have dogs since Max came. I’m very happy that the old left because she ruined my history with dogs. Pink isn’t with us anymore but that okay I’m not really sad about that. We were trying to sell it but no one will buy it. So yeah, it’s a pretty boring life with out a dog, well for me.


Guillermo Mora



510412367_1ed595b05d Movies have been in the world for a very long time that its already been a century. They’ve been around since 1888 and still they are in the world today. That’s a total of one hundred twenty three years. Each movie has a genre, a category. For instense If the movie is going to be a comedy, drama, a horror or another genre. When movies started to come out they were silent, were black and white and were very, very short. Some movies were about two to three seconds long. A movie is actually a film that gets edited. While filming the movie the camera man has to use special equipment to film the movie and editing the movie.

The Roundhay garden scene LouisLePrinceFirstFilmEver_RoundhayGardenScene

The Roundhay garden scene is the first and earliest surviving motion picture. The scene is very short, its duration time is two seconds long. It was shot in the year 1888 on October fourteen. It was filmed in the United Kingdom. The director of the scene is Louis Le Prince. In the scene the actors and actresses were Harriet Hartley, Adolphe Le Prince, Joseph Whitley and Sarah Whitley. Since this scene is the first movie to come out it is silent and black and white.


Making a movie

3188918042_55c024db20Making a movie can be difficult or complicated depending on what type of movie your planning to make. To begin with, decide on your genre, if your movie is going to be of suspense or comedy or another genre. The second thing to do  is decide on the theme and after that write the script. Send the script to actors or people you know who are willing to read it and act it. Find actors for your movie and make sure to test all of the equipment before you start to film. Also buy make up and costumes for the actors. Another thing that is important is to that if your cheap on your movie, wouldn’t be such a great movie.


Editing a movie

2104252497_15960c6540 Editing a movie can be much more difficult than making a movie. First began by searching for an editing program or a movie maker. Connect your camera to the computer to drag the imported clips to the timeline. If your lost or don’t know what to do just find a tutorial. Save your movie shots in many different files to review back back and look at an older version. This process may take a while so you have to be very patient while your editing. After you are finish with it upload or publish it on to youtube or another website  to have viewers of your movie or even get popular. (

Hiring the actors

OTE_2010_05For each and every movie there has to be an actor and an actress. First find a budget to pay the actors, pay them for how good they act. Hire some college students, they cost much less and they are looking for a career as acting.  Another thing to do is contact a film department or contact a a college. If you don’t find any just put ads on magazines,newspapers or the Internet. ( -independent movies.html)


moviecameraWhile researching this report I have learned that movie were silent. I also learned that movies were really short like about 2 seconds long. Most of this information are new to people who don’t know that much about movies like editing a movie and making it and how much hard work it takes. What suprised me the most is that movies have been around for the past one hundred twenty three years and that the first movie came out in 1888. While researching this information I learned so many things that I never knew about movies.

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Aliens Attack

Once a very disgraceful time when a detective named Jim had so many consequences and was to stress to work and just wanted to relax at home and sleep. The worst thing about him is that he just got another case. Jim was young, about 28 years old, healthy, strong well I’ll just say he;s in good shape. he always 24/7 wears a tie and a suit. Violet is a 26 year old and her life was awful because her parents died she figured out she was pregnant and her boyfriend left her. Jim and Violet said ”oh my gosh how worst can it get?” well it did get worst actually. There was a very special item that belonged to some creepy aliens like the alien in Clover field with gray bodies and showing there insides with a lot of blood dripping from them.

The aliens from another planet didn’t come right away. The item was a God to them that fell from a planet 2,000,000 miles away from planet earth. Their God came because they just introduced a new nuclear power bomb that exploded under ground. On top of that bomb was the God to protect the God because whoever who stole that bomb would be put to death. A really stupid alien or species came to steal the God and once he touched it the nuclear bomb exploded and well of course the species died. Then their God landed in U.S. in Los Angles,California.

Anyways back to Jim and Violet. Once Jim heard the loud noise,  he ran out of his house and looked at the big letter of Hollywood burning and the letters falling. The letter fell and burn because the God fell. Everything was burning up fast which made it difficult for people to get out of there especially Jim. People where in a panic, two buildings fell apart, 10 houses got on fire. Building fell on top of each other and there was 109 deaths. Jim ran outside to escape the impact but he saw his boss on the floor to warn him of the impact but it was to late, he was already dead. Jim saw a big black shadow, when he looked up he saw a flying source. Jim ran as fast as he can. Violet was on the floor carrying a gun, that had been for an emergency, Jim picked her up and said ”are you okay” then violet response was vomit. She threw up on Jim, Jim cleaned himself and decided to take her some where safe. Violet got sick from all the smoke and dirt and also the bad air. They had to go all the way to D.C. to warn the president about the invasion and to send help. The aliens had 15 crazy eyes that looked like the put salt on them. They had big and long legs that looked like the half of the empire state building with legs and a round head with blood and also with 15 crazy eyes.

First off Jim and Violet went to Santa monica. They found other people with guns. with they didn’t know what was coming toward them. An alien suddenly popped out. Jim and Violet eventually destroyed the whole place leaving it bloody and ruined with dead bodies, broken cars ,windows, and smoke. They found a car that was a mustang. they went really fast, as fast as they can, 150 mph but eventually since it was a clear road to las vegas so it took them about an hour and a half. Once they got there they stated to scream out loud ”aliens are going to attack, run for your life”. No one cared, people thought that they were medication or a Star Trek nerd. Jim and Violet didn’t care, they just left as fast again. People started to clap, but then 30 minutes later the aliens came and killed each and every thing in vegas and one person said ” we should have listen to those nerds”.

Jim was driving really fast and had a really clear path to the president so it  took them  about a week to go to the president. Once they got to D.C. they ran for the president. They were too late the white house looked like a burned house. Eventually the president wasn’t at his house, he was in the bunker just in time before his house was on fire. Jim and Violet were yelling to the president since they couldn’t be seen on a camera. All of a sudden a man with a gun shot Violet in the arm. Jim went after the man, punched him in the face and said ”nobody shots my partner”. After a while Jim was beating the heck out of the man until he died. Violet was holding her arm running to Jim and hugged him. After that they went to the bunker knocking real hard screaming for help and saying that they need help. The president let them n the bunker but the good news is that the military was out fight the aliens. Then the aliens found their item and returned home. Once the president and Jim and Violet got out they found that starting from them to new york was all of north America. A coupe of years later Violet had her baby, Jim and Violet fell in love, got married and had the president be the priest for the wedding. The End.

Everyday Heroes We Know


Where my dad lived was a rich neighborhood. My dad’s house wasn’t so fancy or rich but it was a nice house. My dad lived in a city like a Lawndale. There was no gangs nor violence. For school there was no girls so it was mostly or just boys. There was a bank near my dad’s house which meant their near their house was company. My dad’s city was like Lawndale because it was quiet and calm. So my dad didn’t have that much intresting background information.

My dad’s difficulties in life were was when he was 17 years old his father died. Things were really difficult at that time because in his senior year of high school when he was 19 years old he got kicked out of his house. My dad was homeless. He had to live in the streets, theaters or a friends house. He had to live in the streets for 15 days. My dad didn’t give up, he kept going to school and worked. He worked in a company called orange crush. Got paid a great salary. So with that much money he afford to buy a house and get my mom. Those were my dads difficulties.My dad’s steps to over come these difficulties were easy but some were hard to forget for my dad. The number one of all steps is to believe in god and he still is. Most of these steps he still is doing. Like he is still working but he still wants a better job though. My dad works on computers and is studying them and that’s how he gets his money. My dad tries to ignore the past about his family. That was a step that was important for him to over come the past and become a new person a fresh start for him. He wanted what he wanted to do. He still wants to overcome that, he wants a something better than he already has right now.

My dad accomplished many things during the past years. The First thing my dad finish is attending university, he finished university and finished his career. My dad has found a job and get the right of money. My dad quit his job and started to his own a small company and gets a lot more money. the most thing he wanted to accomplish is when he was eight he wanted to go to Disney land and so when he came to America the first thing he did is go to Disney land and he was already in his mid twenty. What i think what he wanted to accomplish more is having a family which he did accomplish. That’s how my dad is my hero.


Hello and thank you very much for visiting my blog. My name is Guillermo but most people don’t know how to pronounce it so people call me Memo or Bob. I am in six grade and eleven years old. I have a great teacher that let me make this blog so I also thank you Miss. Nichols. I’m also really glad that I have a blog.